Please join us for our next Socratic Seminar!

The event will be held in English and is free. After the event we will head to dinner & drinks, all are welcome! We would like to thank Programize for hosting us.

Thursday, December 14th 2023 @ 7PM

As a reminder, the ground rules of BitDevs are as follows:

  1. No photos, videos, or recordings.
  2. Chatham House Rule, you may reiterate the contents of the meeting without attribution.

These rules are in place so that BitDevs participants can speak freely within the event.

How should I prepare? Read the material.


  1. Review of technical Bitcoin news
  2. Blind cryptographic signatures and Chaumian ecash

Blind cryptographic signatures and Chaumian ecash

Blind signatures were proposed in 1983 by David Chaum and implemented by Digicash in the 1990s and are now coming back as building blocks in Bitcoin Layer 2s such as Fedimint and Cashu.

Reading material:

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