Please join us for our next Socratic Seminar!

The event will be held in English and is free. After the event we will head to dinner & drinks, all are welcome! We would like to thank Stone Soup for hosting us.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024 @ 7PM

As a reminder, the ground rules of BitDevs are as follows:

  1. No photos, videos, or recordings.
  2. Chatham House Rule, you may reiterate the contents of the meeting -without- attribution.

These rules are in place so that BitDevs participants can speak freely within the event.

–How should I prepare?– Read the material.


  1. Review of technical Bitcoin news
  2. Taproot & Tapscript

Taproot & Tapscript

We will talk about:

  • Address formats and descriptors
  • Tagged hashing and key tweaking
  • Equations derivation
  • Spending options
  • Witness stack and serialization
  • Tapscript and the opcodes

Reading material:

In the News


Bitcoin Core Dev Tech Recap






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